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Fact Sheet​ - Stone-Robinson Elementary School​​​​​​​​

Home of the Eagles

Creating an Engaging and Enriching Community

Stone-Robinson is committed to providing students with rich learning opportunities that will prepare them as lifelong learners. The 80-member staff is committed to focusing on the whole child—nurturing both social and academic development.

School Highlights

Stone Robinson Elementary School prides itself on creating a positive, engaging and enriching community, both within the school itself and with its many stakeholders.

Community building is a cornerstone of everything that happens within the school. All staff members are trained in Responsive Classroom, and all students participate in daily morning meetings designed to build a strong community of learners. In addition, the school adopted CARES (Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, and Self Control) as their character education initiative.

The school serves as a hub for the local community. Each year, there are multiple events in which the school opens its doors to parents and community members. A highlight of these events is the Design Challenge night in the spring. Parents and their children come to school that evening to get a hands-on look at the design and problem-solving work that the students experience by participating in such challenges as creating tin foil boats that can float with the largest number of pennies and using software to design 3D objects to be created using the school’s 3D printer. Additionally, the school supports parent and community participation through such events as outdoor movie nights, school beautification projects, and a fall festival.

A hallmark of the student experience at Stone-Robinson is a focus on “p-based” learning that incorporates authentic problem solving and allows students to pursue their personal passions. An example of this from the current school year is a plan to develop highly engaging, interdisciplinary lessons involving the creation of outdoor learning spaces that will allow everyone to make use of the school’s vast outdoor spaces, trails, and access to the Rivanna River. Students are completing this work in multi-age teams and will be engaging community members and services for support.

Another academic focus of the school is its literacy program built around the tenets of the Daily Five, an instructional methodology that focuses on building literacy skills while simultaneously building students’ independence, allowing them to be assertive about their learning and providing them with choice in their work. There also is a strong focus on metacognition and comprehension strategy instruction.

Assessment Data

Aggregate SOL Pass Rates (Percent)


Facility Information

​Built in 1961

71,100 square feet

11.3 acre site

1971: Addition to the back of the school completed

1988: Renovations were made with a gymnasium and classroom addition

1999: Kindergarten and first grade classroom wing added 

2013: HVAC replacement (Phase I)

2014: Roof replacement (partial); HVAC upgrade; front entrance upgrade

2015: Kitchen AC replacement and new walk-in freezer and cooler; gym floor replacement​​​

2016: Front office modernization; Media Center learning space modernization

Grade-Level Changes

​1961: The school began with less than 200 students from grades 1-7

1971: Grade 7 moved to Jouett Middle School

1972: Configuration changed to primary,  middle, intermediate, and upper grade level system

1973: Kindergarten class added

1974: Part of grade 6 moved to Walton Middle School

1978: Configuration changed to C, O and X communal experiment

1980: Officially became a K-5 grade school

1985: Bright Stars preschool program added

Stone-Robinson Elementary School is part of the Southern Feeder Pattern. Students continue to Burley or Walton Middle School and will graduate from Monticello High School.​


Kristen Williams, Principal
González-Muñiz, Assistant Principal

Principal History

​Kristen Williams

Nicholas King

Ashby Kindler

Laurie McCullough

Juliet Jennings

Charlie Simmons

Tom Cox

Clarence McClure

Anna Watson 

Student Demographics

(as of September 30, 2017)

Total Enrollment: 448

Male: 52.9%

Female: 47.1%

Black: 9.4%

Hispanic: 7.8%

White: 71.4%

English Learners: 3.6%

Disadvantaged: 30.6%

Students with Disabilities: 13.2%

Gifted: 10.4%

"Disadvantaged" students are those who receive free and reduced price meals under the federal program. "Students with Disabilities" are those identified for special education services, from speech pathology and learning disabilities to severe​