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Chris Stanek awarded grant for beekeeping


Congratulations to Mr. Stanek on receiving a $3,100 grant from Dominion for his proposal, "Operation Bee." Mr. Stanek will use this money to integrate beekeeping into the AP Environmental Science course and to create a beekeeping club open to all MoHS students. Below are excerpts from the Executive Summary of his grant proposal:

Beekeeping is a hobby, career, social service and a valuable part of the foundation of our food supply. This valuable public service is quickly becoming a lost art. The majority of beekeepers are over sixty years old. With more and more young people moving into urban settings, this skill is not being passed down to younger generations. We rely on honeybees to support biodiversity in our local landscapes and to pollinate our crops. We, as a school system, need to assume some of the responsibility of sharing this skill with younger generations. Students learn from authentic experiences, and beekeeping has many lessons to teach.

AP Environmental Science provides the perfect setting to explore beekeeping. Students can learn many of the major themes and topics of this rigorous course through beekeeping. Each unit or theme allows the classroom hives to be explored from a different perspective. Using beekeeping as an authentic classroom experience will give students real methods to apply the course content in a way that provides a service for their community and a reward (honey) for their hard work.

While AP Environmental Science is way to look at the science of beekeeping through the lense of a college level course, it makes the hive inaccessible to many students at Monticello High School. Learning the skill of beekeeping is a valuable experience and should be available to all students. In order to provide this opportunity the school will also host a beekeeping club. The club will expand the educational opportunities enabled by the hives and provide continuity between academic calendar years. The club will be open to all grade and academic levels at Monticello.




Created at 4/24/2017 12:34 PM by Bert Jacoby
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