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Fact Sheet​ - Murray Elementary School​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Home of the Mustangs

A Great Place to Grow!

The mission of Murray Elementary School is to create a positive, safe and nurturing environment in which all children find success, happiness, and a love for learning that remains with them forever.

School Highlights

All students at Murray Elementary School benefit from the strong focus placed by both the school administration and the instructional staff on incorporating authentic, “p-based” learning (PBL) experiences into the heart of the instructional program. The experiences can be problem-, project-, or passion-based, and they allow teachers to work toward the schoolwide goal of incorporating responsive teaching practices that meet the diverse needs of each student as an individual. While PBL currently is incorporated throughout the school, the school hopes to increase the use of this methodology even further by 2018 by ensuring PBL is a core instructional experience for students in all science and social studies units.

Murray places a high value on the development of a positive school climate through the incorporation of Responsive Classroom (RC) practices. All teachers at Murray have been trained in these student-centered values, and work currently is being undertaken to ensure that all adults who work in the building understand and practice the RC values of using consistent language with students and practicing interactive modeling of behaviors.

As a member of Albemarle County’s Western Feeder Pattern, Murray focuses on integrating environmental studies into the curriculum. This serves as a catalyst for building student interest in similar programs taking place at Henley Middle School and Western Albemarle High School's Environmental Studies Academy—the secondary schools that Murray students may attend. In previous years, students have participated in creating and maintaining garden beds and an outdoor classroom. Plans to expand this focus are in the works.

Murray also recently expanded its library media specialist to a full-time position. This allows the specialist more time to help students make use of the library’s makerspace; integrate library/media services into all classrooms in the school; and assist students in the school video production lab, where students create and produce videos such as public service announcements. Additionally, Murray has a 1:1 technology-to-student ratio for all grades, second through fifth.

Assessment Data

Aggregate SOL Pass Rates (Percent)


Facility Information

Built in 1960 as a school for African-American students

42,057 square feet

20.9 acre site

1964: Four-classroom addition allowed the school to house grades 1-5

1988: Murray closed and its students were moved to Meriwether Lewis

1991: Addition of kitchen, library and gymnasium; Murray reopened with grades 1-5

2013: Design 2015 renovation work

2014: Front entrance upgrade

2015: Media Center upgrades, including a new circulation desk, carpet, and painting; HVAC replacement

2016: HVAC replacement, Phase 2 (original building); roof replacement on 1991 addition; Media Center learning space modernization

Murray Elementary School is part of the Western Feeder Pattern. Students continue to Henley Middle School and will graduate from Western Albemarle High ​School.


Mark Green,

Principal History

Mark Green

Andrew Grider

David Rogers

Timothy Frazier

Sylvia Henderson

Elizabeth Bailey

Ora Starnes

Otis Lee

Student Demographics

(as of September 30, 2017)

Total Enrollment: 266

Male: 55.3%

Female: 44.7%

Black: 3.4%

Hispanic: 4.9%

White: 74.4%

English Learners: 4.5%

Disadvantaged: 7.5%

Students with Disabilities: 11.3%

Gifted: 9.8%

"Disadvantaged" students are those who receive free and reduced price meals under the federal program. "Students with Disabilities" are those identified for special education services, from speech pathology and learning disabilities to severe and profound disabilities.

Grade-Level Changes

1960: School housed African-American students in grades 1-7

1965: Murray was officially desegregated

1973: Kindergarten class was added to Murray

1987: All kindergarten through grade 2 students from the Ivy area attended
Murray; grades 3-5 attended old Meriwether Lewis campus while the new one was being constructed

1988: Murray closed and all students were transferred to Meriwether Lewis

1990: Because Meriwether Lewis’ student population reached more than 600, a renovated Murray Elementary opened in September​​​​