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Fact Sheet​ - Jouett Middle School​​​​​​

Home of the Jaguars

Climbing the Ladder to Excellence

Jack Jouett Middle School offers its uniquely diverse student body a route to success in life through a range of opportunities that seek to engage every child in the learning community.

School Highlights

Jouett remains a certified National Demonstration School for the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program. As a Demonstration School, Jouett consistently has shown high levels of schoolwide implementation of WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading) strategies with quality and fidelity. Jouett serves as a model to other schools in the nation of successful, impactful implementation of WICOR strategies.

A core philosophy behind AVID is the incorporation of high-quality teaching and learning methodologies. Most recently, this was exemplified by Jouett’s focus on the book, “Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain,” through which classroom teachers develop an understanding of how culture programs the brain to process data and how it affects learning relationships. All teachers are learning 10 “key moves” to ensure students become independent learners.

Community building is one of the most highly regarded elements of Jouett’s overall program. This is demonstrated by informational outreach programs designed for the parents of English Learners and AVID students as a means to help them develop the skills they need to advocate for their children. Community building also can be seen daily in student meetings designed to build positive relationships and ensure every student feels a sense of belonging and purpose.

Another key element of Jouett’s continued focus on building the strongest school community possible is the development and implementation of STEP (short-term education program) during the 2017-2018 school year. STEP is designed to eliminate out-of-school suspensions and reduce recidivism rates by providing students with intensive, in-school counseling and academic support in response to behavior infractions, in lieu of out-of-school suspensions.

Recently, Jouett underwent a significant renovation to its science lab spaces. The spaces were redesigned and modernized using a learning lab model. These spaces help to facilitate such practices as co-teaching, which supports a more individualized learning model for students. All students in the school are making use of this space throughout the course of the year. In addition, recent security updates were completed at the school, providing a new front office/administration space and allowing for the repurposing of other spaces within the building.

A final example of the school’s dedication to this principle is the Momentum program. Through community partnerships, Jouett has developed a program that teaches students to value all people highly and equally. The program also supports personal and communal responsibility for stopping violence and aggression and standing up for victims of harassment.

Assessment Data

Aggregate SOL Pass Rates (Percent)


Facility Information

Built in 1966

94,929 square feet

20.0 acre site adjacent to Albemarle High, Greer Elementary, and Ivy Creek/PREP

1999: Classroom addition and library renovation

2003: The school added 11 regular classrooms, two science classrooms, a special needs classroom and office, a work room, and a student restroom. Major renovations to the library and adjacent areas were made, including the main office and home economics areas.

2006: Jouett received an HVAC renovation

2007: Jouett received a locker room renovation

2012: Media Center renovation

2013: Chiller replacement; Kitchen AC installation; tennis court reconstruction; flooring replacement; masonry repairs

2016: Security entrance improvements

2017: Renovations to create a Learning Lab, Innovation Hub, and modernization of Science classrooms.

Jouett Middle School is part of the Northern Feeder Pattern. Students previously attended Agnor-Hurt, Greer, Broadus Wood or Woodbrook Elementary School, and will graduate from Albemarle High School.​​​


Kathryn Baylor, Principal Kathryn Baylor, Principal
Ashby Johnson, Assistant Principal Ashby Johnson, Assistant Principal

Principal History

​Kathryn Baylor

David Rogers

Russell L. Jarrett

James Helvin

Robert Thraves

G. Elwood Hall

Student Demographics

(as of September 30, 2017)

​Total Enrollment: 559

Male: 49.0%

Female: 51.0%

Black: 17.9%

Hispanic: 21.3%

White: 47.6%

English Learners: 21.5%

Disadvantaged: 49.9%

Students with Disabilities: 13.8%

Gifted: 12.0%

"Disadvantaged" students are those who receive free and reduced price meals under the federal program. "Students with Disabilities" are those identified for special education services, from speech pathology and learning disabilities to severe and profound disabilities.

Grade-Level Changes

1967: Jouett housed grades 8-9

1974: When grades 7-8 moved to Burley Middle School, Jouett provided overflow relief, housing grade 9

1977: Jouett became a middle school serving grades 6-8 with completion of Western Albemarle High School