About your School Counselor


My name is Emily Rexrode and this is my 3rd year as the school counselor at Mary C. Greer Elementary. I am a graduate of Mary Baldwin College and Virginia Tech.  My first job at Greer was teaching 5th grade. I loved teaching 5th grade but decided I really wanted to be a school counselor.

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School Counseling Program Service Delivery Components

School Guidance Curriculum: School counselors provide collaborative lessons within the classroom that support a proactive, prevention-based model serving all students.

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum
  • Group Activities
  • Parent Workshops and Instruction

Individual Student Planning: School counselors coordinate activities that help all students plan, monitor and manage their own learning, as well as meet competencies in areas of academic, career, and personal/social development.

  • Individual and/or Small Group Appraisal
  • Individual and/or Small Group Advisement

Responsive Services: School counselors provide support to meet the immediate needs and concerns of individual students.

  • Counseling - individual and/or small group (non-therapeutic)
  • Consultation
  • Crisis Counseling (prevention, intervention, follow-up)
  • Referrals
  • Peer Facilitations (peer counselors, peer mediators)

System Support: School counselors manage activities that establish, maintain and enhance the total school counseling program.

  • Professional Development (In-service, training, professional organizations, post-graduate education)
  • Consultation, collaboration and teaming-consultation, partnerships, advisory council, school division committees, community outreach.
  • Program Management and Operation Management activities, data analysis, fair-share responsibilities.
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