School Profile


Cale ElementaryPaul H. Cale Elementary School was built in 1990 on Avon St. Extended in Albemarle County. It took the place of Rose Hill Elementary School. Most of the staff and students transferred into the building for the 1990-1991 school year including Principal Gerald L. Terrell. Mr. Terrell provided strong leadership for the Cale community for ten years before retiring from Albemarle County Schools in June 2001. During his tenure at Cale, Mr. Terrell guided the staff towards implementation of the Core Knowledge Curriculum and also led the school to accreditation with the Virginia Standards of Learning.

Cale has grown over the past decade. Sue Newman was added as an Assistant Principal for the 1996-1997 school year. In 1998, Cale added "D pod" to the building to accommodate more classrooms. In July 2001, Matthew Landahl became the principal of Cale, adding his enthusiasm and expertise to Cale's rich learning community. In the summer of 2007, "E pod," a 2-story, 12-classroom addition, was added to Cale, and Lisa Jones became Cale's current principal. Currently, Cale has over 550 students in 31 homeroom classes.

Who Was Paul H. Cale?

by Nathaniel

Paul H. CalePaul H. Cale was a Superintendent of Albemarle County Schools from 1947 to 1969. He was the Superintendent during the integration years. He was an avid fisherman and caught the largest pike ever to come out of Mint Springs. The fish hangs in the office of Cale Elementary School. His portrait is currently hanging in the Albemarle County Office Building.

Why I researched Paul H. Cale

I am in fifth grade at Cale, and I have known since kindergarten that my school was named Paul H. Cale, but I did not know anything about who Paul H. Cale was or why the school is named for him. My parents knew about the people who many of our county schools were named for, but they did not know who Paul H. Cale was. None of my teachers have ever mentioned who he was. That made me wonder about how many teachers know who Paul H. Cale was; maybe nobody ever told them either. I thought if he was important enough to have a school named for him, he is important enough to learn about. So, for my Inquiry Project I decided to research who he was.

Fish TrophyThen I started wondering how many elementary school students and teachers in Albemarle County know information about who their school is named for. I decided to design a survey and find out what the upper elementary students and teachers at several elementary schools know about the people some of our elementary schools are named for. I surveyed students and teachers at Cale because that is my school, at Broadus Wood because my mother teaches there and Stone Robinson because it is close by and we know the principal. I learned that many teachers and students did not know about the person or people that their school was named for or the people that other schools are named for.

VisionSketch of Cale Elemtary

Paul H. Cale Elementary School seeks to provide a stimulating and positive learning environment that will encourage the student to reach his/her maximum potential. Through technology students and educators will acquire information, as well as to generate creative products, using a wide range of sources. Cale students and educators will be empowered to become independent, lifelong learners in a rapidly changing society.


The primary objective of all disciplines will be for students to foster the capacity to apply knowledge, facts, concepts and skill in new situations where they are appropriate.
Cale school will promote a healthy and inviting school climate in which all students will be prepared to participate in a democratic society as responsible citizens, workers, and family members, demonstrating the adapted values of the School Board.
Cale School will work in a feeder pattern to provide the opportunity for students to acquire the knowledge and understand the concepts of physical, mental and emotional health and demonstrate sound habits of personal health and fitness. Early intervention strategies will be a primary focus of our efforts.
Students will demonstrate skills and acquire knowledge to meet the established curricular expectations in the core academic areas of reading, math, written and oral communication, science and social studies. Curriculum development and implementation will be a dynamic process that necessitates ongoing revision to meet the individual needs and diverse talents of all students.
Cale school will establish comprehensive opportunities to ensure parental and community involvement toward making each student's education a substantive and valuable experience. We will develop partnerships with parents, community members, and businesses that directly support and guide our educational goals. Working together, we will ensure that all students develop the skills and abilities necessary to be self-sufficient and contributing members of the community.