The Bike Rodeo:
The Bike Rodeo was a huge success.  A big THANK YOU to the PTO for this well organized family event. There were lots of smiling faces all night!!
Riding the Bus:

Jim Foley, Director of Transportation joined Baker-Bulter to promote the Safe Schools Healthy Students Bus Lessons called “Riding the Bus.” We followed the four sequential components of a Morning Meeting, which included:
1. The Morning Message
2. The Greeting
3. Sharing
4. The Activity
Our goal was to promote how to be safe and respectful bus riders. Thanks Jim for joining us!
A Little about Ms. Eckerle:
It all began in a small town in Mt. Pleasant Michigan where I graduated from Central Michigan University (The Home of the Mighty Chippewas, now known as the Chips!) with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.  After teaching for a few years, I wanted to learn more about how students learned to read, so I pursued a Master of Science Degree with a focus in Reading and Literacy from Walden University. Being a lifelong learner and wanting to sharpen my skills even more I decided to go back to school again where I obtained my endorsement in Administration and Supervision through a grant offered by the University of Virginia and the Virginia Department of Education. While working hard on my endorsement in Administration and Supervision, I began working towards National Board Certification and became a National Board Certified Teacher in December of 2006.
I have been fortunate to have taught many grade levels such as K, 1, 2, 4, 5, Title 1 and Literacy specialist over my career. The wide variety of teaching experiences has allowed me to gain a depth of knowledge of how students learn.
My mission is to enrich the daily path for my students. To encourage them to be the best they can be and embrace the learning. To look for patterns in the world and find the key that opens the door to the many opportunities in front of them.  I believe in every child and set high academic and social expectations for them to reach. Teaching and learning is a life long journey that I will continue to embrace.
I am honored to join the staff and community of Baker-Bulter Elementary School. We have a wonderful year of hands on learning and community building ahead of us.