Clubs, Activities and Honor Societies

AHS students have numerous clubs from which to choose.  The types of clubs offered include academic, social, service, recreational, and professional.  Many of the clubs meet during Club Day schedule that is held 10 times per year.   All postings must be approved by the administration prior to being anywhere in the building, announced on the morning T.V., etc.

Club Mentors and elected Club members, please be aware of the Club Resources folder

Honor Societies

Honor Society Guidelines:  The following honor society chapters at Albemarle High School expect all student members to maintain the standards used in their selection process:

  • National Art Honor Society
  • National Beta Club
  • English Honor Society
  • French Honor Society
  • German Honor Society
  • Spanish National Honor Society
  • Computer Science Honor Society​
  • National Honor Society
  • International Thespian Society
  • Tri-M Music Honor Society
  • Quill & Scroll Honor Society
  • Science National Honor Society
  • Math Honor Society

Although the selection criteria vary between the organizations, all require that members be of good character and achieve a minimum academic standard.  Many require that the members perform service while members of the honor society.  When students are inducted into these honor societies, they sign a pledge to uphold the responsibilities of membership.

Members who do not live up to those responsibilities into the society may have their membership status reviewed by the society’s committee.  The primary requirement of these societies is students maintain good “character.”  Members who make bad decisions resulting in suspension from school, break laws or cheat will have their membership status reviewed by the society’s committee.  Members who do not live up to the expectations of an honor society may be disciplined by that society’s committee and may have their membership revoked.

National Honor Society:  Admission to the Albemarle High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is by invitation.  Students do not apply for admission.  The invitations are given during April-May to those juniors who have, in the opinion of the faculty selection committee, excelled in all four areas designated by the National Honor Society Constitution:  Academics, Character, Leadership and Service.

Academics - Students must have a 3.5 un-weighted or 4.0 weighted GPA after 5 semesters.

Character - Students must behave in an honorable manner exhibiting honesty, respect, positive behavior in the classroom and community.

  • The committee will consider all evidence, not just the existence of discipline referrals.
  • Documented cheating may be cause for not admitting a student.
  • Students are expected to be respectful (of others, rules and laws); a history of disrespectful behavior may be cause for not admitting a student.

- Students must exhibit multiple examples of leadership.  Leadership may be evidenced through a leadership position, where the duties implied by the position are successfully performed. 

  • peer elected position (school, church, scouts, 4-H, etc.).
  • position earned through skill (band, choir, drama, etc.).
  • appointed position (e.g. committee/event chair/organizer).
  • Leadership may also be exhibited through specific examples of personal initiative involving peers.
  • Leadership may also be exhibited through a history of positive classroom leadership, as determined from teacher responses.

Service - Students must have performed significant voluntary service for the school and/or community (not for pay, grade, or as part of a contest). Service may be as an individual, or as part of a group (school or non-school); however, mere membership in a service organization does not constitute service.  A student must actually participate in service projects.

Student Activity Sheets are distributed during February; students complete them, obtain a parent’s signature, and return the sheets within four weeks after distribution, usually by March 1.  Students include detailed descriptions of their service and leadership.  Attaching a narrative explanation is encouraged.  The NHS Committee will not consider a student without an activity sheet; however, the activity sheet is not and should not be considered an NHS application.  In addition to the information provided on the activity sheet, the committee seeks input from the student’s teachers, as well as coaches, church officials, scout leaders and others identified by the student.

The selection committee is not allowed to discuss its deliberations with others (be they teachers, students, administrators, or parents).  No committee member is allowed to comment on the strengths or weaknesses of students considered for NHS membership.

Students who are not invited to join the NHS may appeal to the principal, if they feel that there is some additional information that the committee did not, or may not, have considered.  The selection committee will review all appeals and additional information forwarded by the principal.  Rising seniors who are academically eligible after six semesters, will be considered during the first semester of their senior year.  Students who were not invited their junior year will be reconsidered if still academically eligible.  Students are responsible for up-dating their activity sheets within the first two weeks of their senior year.  (Activity Sheets are in the Counseling Office).

Society Selection Process Initial Notice Induction​ Contact​ Website​
National Art Honor Society Qualification & Invitation  Letter Spring Angela Gleeson National Art Honor Society  site
Tri-M Music Honor Society Application Application, fall & spring Fall & Spring Jennifer Morris Tri-M Music Honor Society  FB page
International Thespian Society Qualification & Invitation  Classroom contact/production process Spring Fay Cunningham
English Honor Society Application & Selection PA, broadcast & class announcements; applications w/deadline November & March Tracy Aglio ​National Website
French Honor Society Selection & Invitation Letter August Sharon Lloyd
Japanese Honor Society Selection & Invitation Letter Spring Hiroko Schierman
German  Honor Society Selection & Invitation Letter Fall &/or spring ​Ruth Trice
Math Honor Society Application & Approval Announcements - math classes during spring Spring​ Sarah Lilly
National Beta Club Invitation Students contacted through classes Fall Jackie Perry
National Honor Society Invitation Activity sheet distributed Jan. due Mar. 1 Spring  Katie Christie School NHS website
Quill & Scroll Selection & Invitation Letter April or May Charlotte Wood
Science National Honor Society Application & Invitation           Letter Spring Melissa Brown
Computer Science Honor Society Application and Approval Only AP students can apply B Holley
Spanish National Honor Society Application & Invitation Documents distributed through Spanish classes; due end of February. May Kellie Oxley

Student Leadership

Student Council Association (SCA) please go to AHS SCA website



For all AHS sports, please go to AHS Athletics website


Club Club Purpose Requirements of members Other info
Contact​ Website​
Computer Club Interest in learning about CS & participation for CCS and cyber security competitions
no requirements, completely voluntary

B Holley Club Email
Math Club Prepare for Mathematics competitions and learn about mathematical topics not taught in the high school curriculum.   None other than a desire to come to meetings, engage with peers and a passion for mathematics and challenges. Bill Daly Math Club website
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Student run group where ALL students (not just athletes, despite the name) can gather to spiritually fellowship in the name of Christ. Despite the name, all are welcome who love God and others​  Cathy Coffman
Young Liberals Connect students with other students who share the same political ideologies.   
Attend meetings Vernon Liechti
Model UN UN is an educational simulation club in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Good academic standing   Katie Bledsoe / Andy Ulrich
YMWGM To build up standing citizens. It is required that all members must do 12 hours of community service hours twice a during the school term and maintain a GPA of 2.5 and 90% school attendance.
​Pearl Early
Songwriting Club The purpose of Songwriting Club is to provide a time and space for songwriters of all genres and tastes to come together to collaborate, to workshop, and to give and receive critical feedback.  Bi-Monthly Meeting attendance is required. Members must share their work at meetings and attend occasional after-school events and fundraisers. The Songwriting Club with work closely with A3 House to produce and record an original CD of member's work.
Trevor Przyuski
Chemistry Club The chemistry club provides students with a unique opportunity to experience chemistry beyond the classroom and understand how chemistry plays a role in our everyday lives. 
Attendance will be taken at club meetings, but there are no specific attendance requirements for membership.

We will also film science videos to be shown during National Chemistry Week. Certain club members will develop and carry out student-led science demonstration shows at both GES and JMS​
Michael Farabaugh
Junior Classical League Our purpose is to encourage an interest in and an appreciation of the language, literature, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. The members are required to pay the dues of the club and have a love for the classics.   Matt Clay
AHS Chess Club To inspire and promote interest in one of the world’s oldest games. Proper attendance and participation once inducted, as well as a laptop for online chess.  ​Kirsten Fuoti
AHS Habitat for Humanity To serve our larger Albemarle community by helping to create affordable housing            Members must sign the waiver to work on a job site.  All forms are online. Tracy Aglio Cville Habitat FB
Indian Club To create diversity and interest in cultures
Come to meetings  Diana Webber AHS Indian Culture Club FB
Queer and Ally (Q&A) A safe space for LGBTQ+ and allies for education, charity, and celebration. Frequent attendance (not every week), involvement in activities. Charlotte Wood Q&A website
AHS Robotics Club The purpose of this club is to foster excitement in engineering and its practical uses by designing and building robots to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). Members are expected to attend regular meetings as well as fundraising/outreach events. They shall perform well academically and demonstrate good character. Christopher Brodersen
F.A.S.T Supporting female athletes by attending events and games, help with pep rallies and other school functions Attend female sporting events​ Amy Sherrill
Key Club To serve our school, community, and world through a variety of service projects each year.    Students must earn a certain number of points throughout the year to remain active members. Points are obtained through service, fundraising, and social events. Ian Lyons Rick Ramey Key Club website
French Club
​Celebrate francophone culture    Meeting attendance required.
A positive attitude and motivation to learn French expected.
Diane Espinosa  

Performing Arts

For more information on the performing arts please visit their respective pages: