Local and National Scholarship Information

The scholarship link below is updated on a regular basis during the school year. Please check back often for the most current list of ​scholarships. Additionally, please check the scholarship board in the School Counseling Office for specific scholarship applications.

Mid May - July Deadlines.pdfMid May - July Deadlines.pdf

In addition to the scholarships listed above, we strongly encourage you to register with the following scholarship websites for additional opportunities:

These websites catalogue thousands of additional scholarships. You can register at these sites and have scholarship opportunities e-mailed directly to you based on your specific profile. If you are willing to take the time to fill out applications and, in many cases, write essays, there is a lot of money available. It just takes a little research and effort to reap the benefits!

College Specific Scholarship Information

Most colleges offer scholarships specific to them. While some will require the FAFSA, many have separate applications to fill out. The majority of these will be based on academic merit. In other words, the better you do in school, the better your chances for scholarships. However, some scholarships are based on extra-curricular activities such as community service, athletics, school involvement, etc. Please look at each college website for more information, applications, and deadlines.

AHS-Nominated Scholarships​

There are some scholarships that ask Albemarle High School to nominate a student in the senior class (For example, Jefferson Scholarship at UVA, Emily Couric Leadership Scholarship, Comcast Scholarship, etc.).

Faculty members and parents are asked to nominate students, though students can self-nominate as well. After students have been nominated, the AHS Scholarship Committee will gather to review the applications and choose final recipients.

Students will be judged based on the scholarship criteria, and all applications will be anonymous to provide a fair reading for all students.

If interested in being nominated for these scholarships, please contact Chris Lennon in the School Counseling Department at clennon@k12albemarle.org by October 1, 2017.


​If you have further questions after visiting the scholarship website, please come by and see Mr. Lennon in the School Counseling Office or email him at clennon@k12albemarle.org.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​