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Welcome, Agnor-Hurt Students!


The following teachers have a portaportal where students may go to websites that will reinforce grade level skills.

Go to PortaPortal, then type your teacher's password in the Guest Access box.


Adam Mohr          mohr1
Patty Murray        pattymurray
Courtney Wood    cwood3


Lea Baranik             mrs.baranik
Barbara Carswell    bjcarswell  - for 3rd
Kathy Chavers        mchavers
Brandi Orshoski      orshoski
Sherry Thompson   thompson4
Deniese Campbell   dcampbell5
April Barefoot         Barefoot


Cary Shaffer             AHESLibrary
Gateway/Gifted       giftedresources​​​​​​​​
Sibylle Hunt             srhunt