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Fact Sheet​ - Agnor-Hurt Elementary

Home of the Alligators

Building 21st Century Citizens

Agnor-Hurt provides a safe and trusting learning environment that embraces diversity and our community’s rich cultural tableau. We are committed to empowering students to be creative lifelong learners and productive global citizens through relationships, compassion and perseverance. As 21st century learners, students will develop into individuals who can adapt, create, collaborate, succeed, and meet the challenges of a constantly evolving world.

School Highlights

A core belief of the Agnor-Hurt instructional program is that the foundations of reading and mathematical thinking support lifelong learning and 21st century citizenship. Students are challenged on a daily basis to develop the skills they need to solve new and increasingly complex problems and to develop the skills they need to read and write with meaningful purpose across their entire curriculum. A hallmark of the school’s innovative work in this area is the commitment to a multi-age instructional program. The multi-age program continues to expand in the school and allows for rich student and teacher experiences through team-taught, interdisciplinary classes of students from multiple grade levels. This instructional methodology allows for a high degree of personalization of instruction, developing experiences for students based on individual academic needs, instead of simply relying on age or grade level.

The school also takes great pride in embracing diversity and the rich and varied cultural backgrounds that students and community members bring to the school. A goal for all students is that they become empowered, lifelong, global learners. This is discovered in the classroom through the school’s International Portal, a program unique to Agnor-Hurt. The portal provides teachers with a video uplink system enabling them to partner with other schools across the globe to learn about other cultures and build strong relationships that will last a lifetime. All students experience this enriching program multiple times each year.

The school is committed to developing 21st century learners. Every student at Agnor-Hurt will have a project on display in our Project-Based Learning museum that showcases their critical and creative thinking as well as their ability to collaborate. With the support of SEAD Team staff, Agnor-Hurt will use evidence-based approaches to address the social, emotional and academic development (SEAD) of students that will, over time, improve their access to opportunities and success.

Assessment Data

Aggregate SOL Pass Rates (Percent)

Facility Information

Built in 1992, one story

80,956 square feet

19.5 acre site

2015: Addition (11,200 sq ft) including a new security entrance, Media Center renovation, and new bus drop off area​​

2016: Roof replacement on main building

Grade-Level Changes

1997: Bright Stars preschool program was added to Agnor-Hurt

Agnor-Hurt Elementary School is part of the Northern Feeder Pattern. Students continue to either Burley or Jouett Middle School and will graduate from Albemarle High School.​​​​​​​


Doug Granger
Doug Granger,
Michael Combs
Michael Combs, Assistant Principal

Principal History

Doug Granger

Michele Del Gallo Castner

Linda Ferguson

Sylvia Henderson

Diane Behrens

Student Demographics

(as of September 30, 2017)

Total Enrollment: 516

Male: 52.7%

Female: 47.3%

Black: 23.4%

Hispanic: 23.8%

White: 37.0%

English Learners: 20.7%

Disadvantaged: 56.6%

Students with Disabilities: 11.0%

Gifted: 3.3%

"Disadvantaged" students are those who receive free and reduced price meals under the federal program. "Students with Disabilities" are those identified for special education services, from speech pathology and learning disabilities to severe and profound disabilities.