School closing line: (434) 296-5886
Please check with NBC 29 (information updated every 10 minutes ) for the latest information on school closings.
School and Non-County Office Building Employees: (434) 296-5886
County Office Building Employees: (434) 972-4088

Winter Weather Procedures

During the fall/winter, parents will receive information outlining the winter weather procedures for re-opening school following a major winter storm. The School Division's hotline, which can be accessed 24-hours a day by calling (434) 296-5886, contains the latest word on the status of all Albemarle County Schools.

Once it is determined that the majority of the roads are safe for school bus travel after a shutdown due to winter weather, the public will be alerted through the media. School bus drivers will contact parents of students residing on any road still identified by the department as unsafe in an attempt to work out alternative arrangements.

By working together and using the procedures outlined above, schools can be re-opened sooner than in past years. It is important to understand that student safety is the single most important criteria used to make a decision about opening school.

  • The Superintendent will be responsible for determining if school will not be in session or if a delayed opening or an early closing of school buildings is necessary due to inclement weather. The Deputy County Executive will make the same decision for the County Office Building.
  • All Building Services employees, and custodians not assigned to Building Services, are emergency-personnel and are expected to report to work, regardless of weather.
  • All professional development classes are automatically cancelled if school is not in session due to inclement weather. Should school dismiss early due to inclement weather, professional development classes are also cancelled. The instructor is then responsible for working with participants to make up the instructional time at a later date.