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The curriculum focal points presented here offer both immediate and long-term opportunities for improving the teaching and learning of mathematics. They provide ideas that may kindle fruitful discussions among teacher leaders and teachers about areas to emphasize as they consider the developmental needs of their students and examine a year's program of instruction. Teachers might also see opportunities to develop or select lessons that bring together related topics in meaningful contexts to reinforce or extend the most important connections, understandings, and skills. The long-term opportunity, however, is for mathematics leaders at every level to use Curriculum Focal Points for Prekindergarten through Grade 8 Mathematics to launch an ongoing, far-reaching, significant discussion with the potential to guide the thinking of the profession in the development of the next generation of curriculum standards, textbooks, and tests. This work may assist in the creation and eventual development of new models for defining curriculum, organizing instruction, developing materials, and creating meaningful assessments that can help students learn critical mathematical skills, processes, and ways of thinking and can measure and communicate what students know about the mathematics that we expect them to learn.

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