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Department of Student Learning

Choice by Design ~ Building Paths to the Future

What is Design 2015?

Design 2015 is a learning grant aimed at blending best practices from the last century with those of the 21st century for the purposes of increasing student performance, redefining optimal learning, and ensuring that quality learning occurs for all young people enrolled in our schools.

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What Have We Learned About Learning?

Seven Spaces of Educational Technology

How Youth Learn

How Did We Get Here?

​The journey to Design 2015 begins with our objective to prepare every student to graduate citizenship, workforce and college ready with a set of skills that will positively impact our community, quality of life, and economic vitality.

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Our Journey to Design 2015 

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Quality Learning

What does Quality Learning look like?

To develop the skills and habits associated with lifelong learning, students must:

  • LEARN beyond the simple recall of facts
  • UNDERSTAND the connections to and implications of what they learn
  • RETAIN what they learn
  • BE ABLE TO APPLY what they learn in new contexts

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Choice by Design

Our Goals for Learning Spaces:

  • Create learning spaces that inspire, encourage and compel students to become designers, developers, producers and creators who participate in the learning process in ways that ensure the engagement of higher-order thinking.
  • Create spaces that provide cross-curricular and multi-age opportunities that leverage natural learning patterns.
  • Create environments that foster contagious creativity, cross cultural boundaries, and bring groups together.
  • Offer choice in learning paths.

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Our Goals for Interactive Technologies:

  • Bring contemporary information and communication technology choices into classrooms and corridors to create in-depth interactive engagement with curriculum and the world.
  • Individualize learning tools and build communication and collaboration skills.
  • Offer choice in tools.

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Professional Development

Throughout spring 2013, many teachers and school administrators participated in coursework designed to enhance the success of the Design 2015 grants. Course offerings focused on "7 Pathways" to our Lifelong-Learner Competencies. Collectively, these 7 Pathways move students from where they are to where we, as a division, expect them to be:

  1. Choice & Comfort
  2. Connectivity
  3. Differentiation/Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  4. Instructional Tolerance
  5. Interactive Technology
  6. Maker-Curriculum
  7. Project-Based Learning

Albemarle County educators have ongoing opportunities to participate in numerous professional development workshops.

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