Agnor-Hurt Elementary School

The Art of Gaming and Interactive Learning

Key Objective: Students will utilize 21st century learning skills and processes as they become more actively engaged as lifelong learners through digital gaming, simulations, and interactive learning. Learn more »

Albemarle High School

Learning Through Doing – The Inquiry and Project Based Approach to Learning

Key Objective: Transform pedagogy through the integration of innovative learning spaces, student-centered and studentdriven technology, and performance based instruction. Learn more »

Baker-Butler Elementary School​

Full STEAM Ahead: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Strengthen Academic Performance and Nurture Lifelong Learners

Key Objective: Improve instructional practices to foster habits of mind in teachers and students, enabling them to apply higher-level thinking skills to problems and challenges that span academic content areas. Learn more »

Broadus Wood Elementary School

SPARKing Meaningful Connections

Key Objective: Create indoor and outdoor, integrated, state-of-the-art, flexible learning spaces equipped with student-center tools that will produce collaborative, creative thinkers, engaged global citizens, and lifelong learners. Learn more »

Brownsville Elementary School

Connecting Curriculum through Collaboration (Accessing ACPS and Beyond in Real Time)

Key Objective: Improve the depth of students’ content exploration and exposure by transforming classrooms to tech-enabled environments, providing tools and time for exploration and expression. Learn more »

Burley Middle School

Building Engaged And Ready Students at Jackson P. Burley BEARS@JPB

Key Objective: Impart students with 21st century survival skills, enhancing student learning via technology-rich, authentic work which integrates the use of supportive technologies, inquiry- and problem-based approaches and higher order thinking skills. Learn more »

Cale Elementary School

Cale i-Think Zone

Key Objective: Provide an opportunity for students to develop dual language proficiency while being immersed in project-based learning that requires direct application of 21st century skills. Learn more »

Community Public Charter School

Key Objective: Create responsive curriculum units by involving teachers in a process where they will explore the materials, ideas, questions, and possibilities for students together as they deepen their own pedagogical knowledge and practice. Learn more »

Crozet Elementary School

Building Community with Contagious Curiosity and Creativity through Wonder

Key Objective: Create an integrated system of learning where connections between home, school, community, and the world are enabled, encouraged and enacted upon by learners through the curriculum and through the use of a collaborative Wonder Lounge. Learn more »

Greer Elementary School

Greer Elementary: Fully Invested in our Investments

Key Objective: Plan and execute professional learning experiences for staff that will encompass the instructional and enrichment needs of all Greer students and build the needed instructional capacity to effectively utilize learning spaces and technology in support of student learning. Learn more »

Henley Middle School

Henley Design 2015 – Optimal Learning in a Collaborative Space

Key Objective: Redesign two learning spaces to facilitate a shift in teaching from teacher-led instruction to highly differentiated, project based opportunities where students are the drivers of their own learning. Learn more »

Hollymead Elementary School

Transforming Student Learning through Differentiation and Academic Choice

Key Objective: Provide students with opportunities to cultivate 21st century learning skills through academic choice, a safe and effective learning environment, effective use of technological tools, and the flexibility to work in various learning spaces. Learn more »

Jouett Middle School

Project JagWired

Key Objective: Increase academic achievement and eliminate the digital divide by providing 1-to-1 technology access to all students in one grade level. Learn more »

Meriwether Lewis Elementary School

Connecting with the World of Today – Making Creativity Contagious

Key Objective: Create multiple student-centered learning environments throughout the school to support optimal learning and the development of 21st century skill sets for students. Learn more »

Monticello High School & Walton Middle School

Creating Sea Change: Charting a Course for Lifelong Learning through 4 C’s Skill Development

Key Objective: Teachers at Monticello and Walton will work collaboratively within and across schools designing authentic instruction to engage learners in deeper understanding of content, to accelerate their learning across all content areas, and to facilitate a smoother transition between schools. Learn more »

Murray Elementary School

Shattering Boundaries

Key Objective: Expand upon current problem solving and project based learning opportunities at the classroom level to provide whole grade, multi-age collaborative opportunities for all students in fluid, differentiated learning environments. Learn more »

Murray High School

Revitalizing the Spaces at Murray High School

Key Objective: Redesign physical building spaces and teaching strategies to more aptly enhance the attainment of 21st century learning skills. Learn more »

Small Schools: Red Hill, Scottsville, Stony Point & Yancey Elementary Schools

Kids as Choice Makers and Creators

Key Objective: Develop all students in the four participating elementary schools as learners who engage in exploring their interests through a Maker Space environment and approach to learning. Learn more »

Sutherland Middle School

Sutherland Link Tank

Key Objective: Students and teachers will have access to technology and spaces that will enable them to create an array of high-quality, authentic digital media products that synthesize their learning, demonstrate the connections across curricular areas, and demonstrate student mastery of the Lifelong Learning Competencies. Learn more »

Walton Middle School

Digital Writing

Key Objective: Students will be actively engaged in “digital writing,” the creation of authentic work that communicates out their learning and thinking using technology. Learn more »

Western Albemarle High School

Pathways to Optimal Learning and Teaching at Western Albemarle High School

Key Objective: Create a range of innovative educational environments that foster student ownership of learning, instructional models that support students as creators and makers, and increased collaboration. Learn more »

Woodbrook Elementary School

Redesigning Teaching and Learning for Teachers and Students of Woodbrook Elementary: Learning Through the Lens of a Flexible Art, MakerCulture Learning Studio Space

Key Objective: Develop a connected pathway of Maker Spaces, Arts, and Performance studios to support student-directed learning which links curriculum goals to student interests and passions. Learn more &»

Yancey Elementary School

Choice and Creativity: Building Capacity in Students and Teachers

Key Objective: Develop all students as learners engaged in exploring their interests by shifting daily classroom practices to include academic choice, 21st century technologies, and a student guided approach to learning. Learn more »