Grant Criteria

Project teams consisting of grade-level teachers or department staff were invited to submit proposals requesting funding grounded in interdisciplinary learning. Grant categories included:

  • Single classroom impact
  • School and organizational impact
  • Division and organizational impact

Grant proposals were evaluated based on the following criteria:


Vision for Student Learning

What is the vision for student learning?


How is this vision unique from other educational programs and initiatives?


How will the student learning be transformed through relationships, relevance and rigor as a result of this work?


How will the principal lead for sustainability of this work?

Teacher Capacity & Readiness

How will teachers own, lead and invest in this work?

Learning Design


What instructional techniques will be used to implement the vision?

Professional Development

How will professional development be developed, instituted and evaluated to support this work?


Project Management

How and when will specific project actions be implemented and by whom?


How will the school provide matching funds to support the grant? Specifically, how will the grant money be used?


Program Evaluation

How many students are estimated to be impacted by this project, and how will future students benefit from this grant?


How will the school keep the project going?