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Department of Student Learning

High School Summer Program

The primary goal of the High School Summer Program is to offer Albemarle County Public Schools' students the chance to take or retake a course where they would like to improve their knowledge, skills, and understandings.  A full listing of available courses to take or retake are listed below.

With the exception of our traditional Physical Education program,  the Summer Program is offered in an online format.   All students, no matter the summer course, can come to our Open Lab, work with certified teachers, and have access to a laptop and an Internet connection.

Interested in earning credit for completing an Internship this summer?

Contact the Career Specialist at your school.
[AHS: Ms. Massey, MoHS: Ms. Terrell, WAHS: Ms. Bertrand]

Summer 2018


Registration Opens: Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Registration Closes: Initial Credit Courses June 8 at 5:00 PM  Retaking Courses June 15 at 5:00 PM

Open Lab: June 11-June 29 & July 9-July 27 @ Albemarle High School- Mesa Wing-8:00 AM-1:30 PM

PE Location 1: June 11- June 29  8:00 AM - 1:30 PM @ WAHS (June 11th and 12th will be held at Henley Middle School)
PE Location 2: July 9- July 27  8:00 AM- 1:30 PM @ AHS
The entire course must be completed at the same site.  Splitting locations is not possible.

Virtual Courses: June 11 - July 27

Virtual Economics Personal Finance: Required on-site administration of W!SE Financial Literacy Assessment.  This assessment can be scheduled with the instructor or walk-in during Open Lab.

Virtual PE Mandatory Pre/Post Testing Sessions: 


Tuesday,   June 5           6:00 PM- Western Albemarle High School

Thursday, June 7            6:00 PM - Albemarle High School

Friday,      June 8            2:00 PM-  Albemarle High School

Friday,      June 8            6:00 PM-  Albemarle High School


Times TBD will be announced in class

Thursday, July 19           Morning, Midday, Evening opportunities

Monday,    July 23           Evening

If pre or post testing dates can not be attended this summer, please consider a traditional PE course or next school year for virtual PE.  These dates are mandatory and without flexibility.

Sign-up for mandatory sessions is part of the online registration process.

Driver Education


Health or PE
$230 per course (Health & PE together $460)*
All other initial credit courses.
Course Retake
$230 per course*
*Prices listed above are for cash/check payments made in person or mailed in.  Online payments will include an additional, non-refundable convenience fee of 3.49% of the total tuition.  Requests for refunds back to a credit card or e-check will be for the tuition amount less an additional 3.49% convenience fee.  Alternatively, a check can be issued for the tuition amount with 2-3 weeks processing time.
Example: $460 tuition + $16.05 convenience fee = $476.05 total cost when paying online.  If a refund is requested back to a credit card or e-check the total amount refunded electronically would be: $443.95 ($460 - $16.05).  Alternatively, we can issue a check refund of the tuition $460 that will arrive within 2-3 weeks after the request is made.  Convenience fees are never refundable and apply in both directions of an online payment or online refund.

 If paying by check, please make them payable to Albemarle County Public Schools.

Registration Process (Begins May 1)

  • Complete the online registration form (available May 1).

General Information

  • Students can retake one course at a time and up to two total before the end of the Summer Program.  The time it takes to retake one course can vary per individual student.
  • Two SOL testing windows will be available for three days at the end of each three week time frame.
  • Classroom Driver Education is available through the ACPS Driver Education program.  The combined classroom Health II w/Driver Education is only available during the school year.
  • Final course offerings are determined by a minimum enrollment of 15 students.
  • According to staffing and classroom space, classes may be limited to 25 students.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to provide a current copy of the child's IEP or 504 plan (if applicable) at the time of registration in order to ensure Special Education services as in the regular school year. It is imperative that the Accommodations sheet for SOL testing is attached to the registration form.
  • Albemarle County Public Schools does not provide transportation for the High School Summer Program.

Open Lab

Students enrolled in the High School Summer Program are enrolled in our virtual learning platform where the course can be completed on-site or remotely.  We staff an Open Lab where students can work side by side with a certified teacher on the course and receive additional support as needed.  In addition laptops and Internet access are provided at our Open Lab site.

Course Levels: Students must retake the course at the same course level or lower than the original attempt at the course. For example, if a student is retaking Honor's Geometry - they would retake the course at either Honors or Advanced level.

Attendance: Though all the course materials are online, students are welcome to attend the Open Lab as frequently as they need while completing the course. We find that the consistency, routine, and direct support result is the best experience for most students and we are able to provide that environment in our Open Lab space.  Typically, retaking a course with about a 5 hour a day committment can be done in a 3-4 week time frame - but it's not unusual either to use all 6 weeks.  All coursework must be completed by the final day of the Classroom Session.

The following courses are available to be retaken during the summer classroom session:
English 9,10,11,12
Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry
World Geography, World History I, World History II, US/VA History, US/VA Government
Due to the lab requirements in Science we are unable to offer any Science courses to retake during the summer session.

Virtual Courses

The following courses can be taken for initial credit:

  • Health I or II,
  • PE I or II
  • Economics and Personal Finance
  • English 11* or 12*
  • US/VA History*
  • US/VA Government
  • Physics*
  • Ecology
  • College Algebra Trig
  • Geometry*

*Denotes available at Honor's Level

Other information

  • Virtual courses run on the dates posted above.
  • Virtual Courses do not offer face-to-face instruction and must be completed remotely.  The only exception is the mandatory meeting times for Virtual PE.
  • Students must provide their own Internet Access and Device necessary to complete the course.
  • We do not recommend that students who are traveling or have other time consuming obligations take a virtual course over the summer. All Virtual courses are available during the school year.
  • Students will register using the information on the ACPS Summer School Program site.

Rules and Regulations

  1. All courses must be complete by the last day of school.  No refunds or extensions are guaranteed if coursework is not complete at that point.
  2. Students will be expected to display appropriate behavior. Failure to do so may result in suspension and/or removal from the summer program. Suspensions will be counted as absences.
  3. Students enrolled in Virtual PE that do not attend the opening session will be withdrawn and refunded automatically.  The opening session is required and consideration of that date should be made prior to registering for the course.
  4. Students enrolled in Classroom PE are permitted one absence.  A 2nd absence could potentially be made up if scheduled ahead of time with an instructor.  A 3rd absence will result in an automatic withdrawal.

Standards of Student Conduct

The summer program will adhere to the Albemarle County Standards of Student Conduct​:

  • Students involved in confrontations will be removed from the summer program and will not receive a grade, credit, or a refund.
  • A student who possesses, uses, or is under the influence of a drug, narcotic, tobacco product, or alcoholic beverage will be removed from the summer program and will neither receive a grade, credit, nor a refund.
  • Smoking, chewing, or any other use of any tobacco products by students shall be prohibited on all school property.
  • Student’s dress may not interfere with classroom activities nor contribute to the creation of a disturbance. Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Students will not be permitted to leave the school grounds during program hours without permission.

Grading System

The following grading system is used to award grades:

  • A = 90-100; B = 80-89; C = 70-79; D = 60-69; F = 0-59
  • Students must provide their own transportation and abide by vehicle parking rules and regulations of Albemarle County.
  • Students will be expected to leave the school grounds immediately at the conclusion of the school day.
  • The completed registration form gives parental permission for a student's participation in local field trips. Parents will be informed of such field trips in advance. Fees may apply.

Contact Information

Carolyn Herget, Summer School Registrar
401 McIntire Road, 3rd Floor
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Phone: 434-296-5820
Fax: 434-872-4564​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


  • Registration opens May 1, 2018
  • A link will be posted here.​​

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