Attendance Areas

Determining Your School Attendance Area

Albemarle residents can determine school districts by searching on a valid address or owner name in the County’s GIS-Web application.

After typing in an address and clicking on the Search button, users will see a Search Results page and should then click on the Property Info link, where they can view various property characteristics. In the dropdown box at the top of the Property Information page, users should select Other Parcel Characteristics to see the elementary, middle and high school districts associated with the property.

Alternately, you may review the district maps below to get an idea of which schools serve your area:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any official decision about which school district a particular house or parcel belongs to must be made by the Albemarle County Public Schools Department of Transportation at 434-973-5716.

Feeder Patterns

Our schools are divided into three "feeder patterns" according to geographical area: Northern, Southern and Western. A feeder pattern consists of the elementary, middle and high schools through which students progress. 

Northern Southern Western
​High Schools ​Albemarle ​Monticello ​Western Albemarle
Middle Schools ​Burley*
​Elementary Schools ​Agnor-Hurt**
Broadus Wood
Stony Point**
Red Hill
Stony Point**
Meriwether Lewis

*Student body splits at the high school level
**Student body splits at the middle school level

Burley Middle School students will attend either Albemarle or Monticello high school. Agnor-Hurt Elementary School students will continue to either Burley or Jouett middle school and then Albemarle High School. Cale and Stone-Robinson elementary school students will continue to either Burley or Walton middle school and then Monticello High School. Stony Point Elementary School students will continue to either Burley Middle School and then Monticello High School, or Sutherland Middle School followed by Albemarle High School.

Murray High School, the Community Public Charter School, the Charlottesville Albemarle Technical Education Center (CATEC), the Enterprise Center, Ivy Creek, and PREP serve students from all three feeder patterns.

School Attendance Area Waiver Requests

Who must submit a school attendance area waiver request?

  • Any nonresident of Albemarle County meeting the eligibility requirements for admission according to School Board Policy JEC, School Admission, Section II (“Nonresident”) or Section III (“Nonresident Students of Albemarle County Employees”); or
  • Any resident of Albemarle County who wishes for his/her child(ren) to attend a school other than the one designated by the attendance area and meets at least one of the conditions specified in School Board Policy JC, School Attendance Areas, Sections A-H.

Acceptable conditions for the transfer of a student to a school in another attendance area include:

  • A student whose parent/guardian changes residence from one school attendance area to another within the county after the end of the first semester may be permitted to complete the school year in his/her current school if the parent/guardian so desires.
  • A child whose parent/guardian plans to move to another attendance area within the county after the school year begins and who will reside in the new attendance area for the majority of the school year may be permitted to begin the school year in the school serving the new attendance area (documentation required).
  • A child whose parent/guardian is employed full-time by Albemarle County Public Schools, CATEC, or certain Albemarle County Local Government departments may be admitted to a school other than the one serving his/her attendance area to accommodate the parent’s work schedule.
  • A senior whose parent/guardian moves to another attendance area within the county after the end of the first semester of the student’s junior year may be permitted to complete his/her final year in the last high school attended.
  • A child who spends the majority of the school year living with a parent who has joint physical custody and resides in the county may be permitted to attend Albemarle County Public Schools (documentation required).
  • A child who has been the victim of a crime committed by a student, employee, volunteer, contract worker, or person who regularly performs services in the school, or a crime committed on school property or on any school bus owned or operated by the school division, may be permitted to attend a school other than the one serving his/her attendance area at the written request of the parent/guardian.
  • The Superintendent or the Superintendent's designee may approve a transfer request for curriculum requirements, specific medical reasons, or extraordinary reasons.

Submission Guidelines

All school attendance area waiver requests MUST:

  • Be submitted for approval on an annual basis.
  • Be made in writing.
  • Include the student’s name, a return address, and a phone number.
  • Be mailed to Strategic Planning and Operations at 401 McIntire Road, Charlottesville, VA 22902, or faxed to 434-296-5805. 

For more information, contact Strategic Planning & Operations at 434-296-5877.  ​​​​​​​​​