Service Directory: Whom Do I Call About ...

If you have a school-related question or concern, your first point of contact should be your child's school. As a supplement to contact information provided on our Schools and Departments web pages, below you will find a list of commonly requested phone numbers for ACPS services and programs.

Service (in alphabetical order) Contact Phone
(area code 434)
Adult Education Sharon Root 296-3872
Albemarle Resource Center (ARC) Becky Fisher 972-4021
Artist-in-Residence Program Bernard Hairston 293-0288
Assessment / Testing India Haun
Athletics Jay Thomas 296-5820
Attendance Areas Nicholas King 296-5877
Bright Stars Preschool Program (Social Services Partnership) Carol Fox
Budget Development Jackson Zimmermann 296-5829
Building Services Joe Letteri 975-9340
Bullying Prevention Nicholas King 296-5877
Bus Routes Jim Foley 973-5716
Career & Technical Education Michael Craddock 296-5820
Center for Learning & Growth Nicholas King 974-8070
Character Education Gloria Rockhold 293-0288
Child Nutrition Program (School Meals) Christina Pitsenberger 295-0566
Community Education / Open Doors Karen Waters-Wicks 975-9450
Community Engagement Bernard Hairston 293-0288
Compass (Division Compass Employee News Blog) Jennifer Butler 296-5820
Discrimination Reporting - Students Kevin Kirst 296-5885
Discrimination Reporting - Employees Lorna Gerome 296-5827
Donations Jackson Zimmermann 296-5829
Driver Education Karen Waters-Wicks 975-9450
Early Childhood Special Education Kevin Kirst 296-5885
Educational Technology Jamie Foreman
Electronic School Notification System (ESNS)
(Blackboard Connect)
Enrollment/Permissions: Mark Leach
Training/Content: Phil Giaramita
Elementary Education Michele Castner 296-5820
English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL) Cyndi Wells 296-6517
Enterprise Applications Mark Leach
Equity & Diversity Bernard Hairston 293-0288
Extended Day Enrichment Programs (EDEP) Kelvin Reid 296-5840
Facilities Planning Rosalyn Schmitt 296-5877
Facility & Grounds Rental Kimberly Rhodes 975-9340
Family Support (Social Services Partnership) Debbie Chlebnikow 972-4010
Federal Programs Ashby Kindler 296-5888
Fine Arts Michele Castner 296-5820
Fiscal Services Jackson Zimmermann 296-5829
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests Phil Giaramita 972-4049
Gifted Education Maureen Jensen 296-5820
Grant Opportunities Phil Giaramita 972-4049
Health & Physical Education Jay Thomas 296-5820
Hispanic / Latino Relations Gloria Rockhold 293-0288
History & Social Studies John Hobson 296-5820
Home Schooling Ashby Kindler 296-5820
Homeless Education / Families in Crisis Program Sharon Root 296-3872
Human Resources Lorna Gerome 296-5827
Individualized Education Program (IEP) Kevin Kirst 296-5885
Infrastructure & Support Services Robert Rejonis
International Welcome Center Cyndi Wells 296-6517
Language Arts Maureen Jensen 296-5820
Learning Resources/Textbooks Becky Fisher 972-4021
Library & Media Services Becky Fisher 972-4021
Migrant Education Sharon Root 296-3872
Partnerships Phil Giaramita 972-4049
Policies Matt Haas 296-5893
Preschool Programs Angela Stokes 296-5820
Professional Development - Classified Staff (login required) Elizabeth-Latta Brother 296-5827
Professional Development - Instructional Staff Alison Dwier-Selden or Becky Fisher 972-4021
Public Affairs & Strategic Communications (Media Relations) Phil Giaramita 972-4049
Research & Survey Requests Chris Gilman 872-4569
Response to Intervention (RTI) Angela Stokes 296-5820
School Board Information Jennifer Johnston 296-5893
School Counseling Patrick McLaughlin
School Health Services (Nurses) Eileen Gomez 296-5877
School Safety / Security (School Resource Officers) Dean Tistadt 296-5877
School Schedule Hotline (Closings & Delays) Jennifer Butler 296-5886
Secondary Education Jay Thomas 296-5820
Social Media Lorenzo Dickerson 872-4569
Special Education (SPED) Kevin Kirst, Director
Elementary SPED: Katy Compel
Elementary & Early Childhood SPED: Blake Walter
Middle School SPED: Suzanne Fladd
High School SPED: Andrew Wojcik
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Grades K-8: Robbie Munsey
Grades 9-12: Jeff Prillaman
Strategic Planning & Accountability Patrick McLaughlin 296-5877
Student Discipline Nicholas King 296-5877
Student Registration Anne Breeden 296-5877
Summer School (High School Program) Michael Craddock 296-5820
Superintendent's Advisory Bulletin (SAB) (login required) Jennifer Butler 296-5820
Superintendent's Office Christine Thompson 296-5826
Title I Angela Stokes
Transportation Services Jim Foley 973-5716
VIP Gold Card Gloria Rockhold 293-0288
Virtual Learning Michael Craddock 296-5820
Volunteer Program Gloria Rockhold 293-0288
Web Services Lorenzo Dickerson 872-4569
World Languages Cyndi Wells 296-6517


Servicio Persona de Contacto Número de Contacto
(codigo de area 434)
Asistencia Social con Region 10 Vari Anderson 972-1800
Centro de Justicia y Asistencia Legal Mary Bauer 977-0553
Centro de Registración Escolar y Asistencia Bilingüe para Nuevas Familias Jonathan González o Emily Elliott 296-6517
Departamento de Salud (vacunas para niños) (434) 972-6200
Educación de Adultos (clases de inglés) Frankie Dovel Morris 296-3872, ext. 6
Iniciativa de Mujeres Ingrid Ramos 872-0047, ext. 104
​Línea Directa del Horario Escolar (Cierres y Demoras)   ​975-9332
Programa de Estrellas Brillantes Carol Fox 972-4010
Programa de Head Start Lucy Spencer 295-3171