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Jouett Middle School

Ms. Kathryn Baylor, Principal  •  210 Lambs Lane  •  Charlottesville, VA 22901  •  434/975-9320  •  Fax: 434/975-9325




Upcoming Events: 

Winter Break – Dec 20th to January 4th

Bonfire Dance – January 16th



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 Teacher Feature


Teacher Feature: Determination

Mrs. Peters talks about determination:

As a high school senior I knew that taking the SAT was inevitable.  Going to college was extremely important to me however standardized timed tests were never my strong suit. I bought practice books and worked for what felt like an endless amount of time with a SAT tutor.  I knew that math was going to cause me the most trouble. When studying I targeted my weaknesses and was determined to do well on this test. Admitting that something is difficult for you is the first step in persevering and overcoming the challenge.  I ended up scoring higher than the goal I set for myself.  This is an experience I continue to go back to when I encounter something difficult.