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Jouett Middle School

Ms. Kathryn Baylor, Principal  •  210 Lambs Lane  •  Charlottesville, VA 22901  •  434/975-9320  •  Fax: 434/975-9325




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Friday, March 6th

4pm – 6pm


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 Teacher Feature


Teacher Feature: Determination

Mr. Simpson’s thoughts about determination:
In my 11th grade year I was cut from the varsity basketball team.  I had never been cut from a team before.  So being in that situation was completely new for me.  I felt like a complete failure.  That's when I decided that I was not going to tryout for basketball again, I was really down on myself.  Basketball was my passion in school.  So that summer after a long talk with my father about not giving up I worked very hard to improve my game I also picked up my self esteem.  In my 12th grade year, I made the team.