Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee

The Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee (LRPAC) is formed to inform and advise the Superintendent and School Board in the development of comprehensive, long term plans for facilities needs in the most effective and efficient way and in support of the School Division’s Strategic Plan.

Issues which may be considered by the advisory committee shall include, but not be limited to:

  • School program capacity
  • Enrolment and Projections​
  • Transportation and operating efficiencies related to facilities planning
  • CIP prioritization
  • Creative financing and construction strategies
  • Scope of renovations
  • School closures and new schools
  • Student accommodation planning (building additions/modular relocations/ review of school boundaries)
  • The future of ‘learning spaces’ as influenced by technology and other dynamic fields



Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee Members!

For additional information you may call Jennifer Johnston, School Board Clerk, at 434-296-5893, or by visiting the School Board Committees page.

If you have an interest in our schools, our mission of establishing a community of learners and learning, through relationships, relevance, and rigor, one student at a time , and in public service, complete the application and send it to Ms. Johnston.

LRPAC Application


The Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee is comprised of 12 appointed members: one selected by each School Board member from their constituency, four at-large representatives selected by the Superintendent, and one at-large member based upon the recommendation(s) of the Equity and Diversity Committee. Please contact Jennifer Johnston, Clerk of the School Board, at 434-972-4055 if interested in participating.

Criteria and Expectation for Appointees:

  • Attend a minimum of 75% of meetings.
  • Be self-motivated to increase familiarity with school facilities and capital improvement program planning.
  • Possess experience with and/or expertise in a broad range of interests, e.g., Albemarle County planning and development; demographics and economics; elementary, middle and high school programs and needs; public outreach and communication; municipal design and construction.
  • Superintendent appointed members should specifically possess expertise in one of the following areas: technology, business, architecture/engineering, curriculum or other field as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent.
  • Demonstrated organizational leadership qualities and/or experience.
  • Interact and communicate with School Board and community in public venues such as work sessions, community and focus group meetings.
  • No current ACPS employees may be appointed.

Long Range Planning Advisory Committee Yearly Final Report

 2014 Final Report

Past Yearly Reports

2015 Meeting Schedule

Meeting Minutes and Handouts


    Handouts for 10/06/14 Meeting:

    01 Agenda 100614.pdf

    02 SB plan vs LRPAC.pdf

    03 10thDayEnrollment_FY15.pdf

    04 DRAFT Capacity vs Enrollment Fall 2014 Projections.pdf

    Handouts for 01/26/15 Meeting:

    01 Agenda 012615.pdf

    02 FY16_OC_Memo_to_CE-Draft.pdf

    03 Capacity vs Enrollment FALL 2014 PROJECTIONS.pdf

    04 Detail of Capacity Calculation 2014_15.pdf

    Handouts for 03/23/15 Meeting:

    00 Agenda 032315.pdf

    01 LRPAC 012715 Minutes Approved.pdf

    02 Capacity vs Enrollment FALL 2014 PROJECTIONS.pdf

    03 LRPAC SB Meeting 022615 responses.pdf

    04 Redistricting Spring 2015_rev 040215.pdf

    05 Proposed Agendas_revised.pdf​

    Handouts for 03/30/15​​ Meeting:

    01 Agenda 033015.doc

    02 LRPAC memo to board 040115.docx

    Handouts for 04/13/15 Meeting:

    00 Agenda 041315.pdf

    01 LRPAC 033015 Minutes Approved.docx

    02 Pre-K Data.pdf

    03 Pages from SPED Budget presentation.pdf

    ​Handouts for 04/27/15 Meeting:

    00 Agenda 042715.pdf

    01 LRPAC 041315 Minutes DRAFT.docx

    Handouts for 05/11/15 Meeting:​

    01 LRPAC 042715 Minutes Approved.pdf

    02 Red Hill ES Study.pdf

    03 Stony Point Addition and Renovations.pdf

    04 Woodbrook ES Study.pdf

    05 Yancey ES Addition.pdf

    06 Scottsville ES to 232 Study.pdf

    07 Crozet ES to 472 study.pdf

    Agenda 051215.doc