Gifted Education Services

  • Support a rigorous, challenging core curriculum which engages students in real-world investigations and builds conceptual understanding
  • Provide opportunities for students to learn advanced content, strategies, and processes which extend and enhance the core curriculum
  • Support unique and individual educational needs of students as appropriate
Services Overview
Albemarle County Schools provides services and programming options designed to challenge, interest, and motivate gifted and high ability students. In most cases, these programming options are available to all students whose ability and interest meet established criteria.
Student services vary from elementary to middle to high school and include options such as in-class differentiation of curriculum, clustering/grouping students for instruction, grade level and/or subject acceleration based on individual needs, small group instruction with a gifted resource teacher, honors and Advanced Placement classes, mentorships, independent study programs, summer Governor's School programs, special seminars and guidance services targeted to high ability learners. Of these services, only two (elementary pull-out option and high school summer residential Governor's Schools) require gifted identification.
In addition to services for students, Albemarle County also provides professional development, resource assistance, and classroom support for teachers who work with gifted and high ability students in the classroom.


For more information about Albemarle County's gifted education services,
contact the principal or the
gifted resource teacher in your school or the
Vertical Team Facilitator for Gifted Education, 
Jennifer Sublette-Williamson
(434) 296-5820.