Spelling Bee 2014

The 2014 Division Spelling Bee was held on Wednesday, February 19, at Burley Middle School.

  • First Place: Roshan George, Sutherland Middle School
  • Runner Up: Ahmad Hasan-Aamir, Burley Middle School

After 23 rounds, the winner was announced. The winning word was "aventurine" - a translucent quartz spangled throughout with scales of mica or other mineral.

Six additional stuents will also participate in the Regional Spelling Bee on Saturday, March 8th @ Monticello High School, 11:00 AM:

  • Brandon Caramanis, Walton Middle School
  • Michael Lee, Murray Elementary School
  • Aoife Arras, Cale Elementary School
  • Cecelia Dagner, Brownsville Elementary School
  • Jacob Frysinger, Broadus Wood Elementary School


 2014 Division Bee Finalists


2013 Division Winners

Read the press release.

  • First Place: Roshan George, Sutherland Middle School
  • Runner Up: Francesca Bernardino, Cale Elementary

The winning word was "paucity"- (a small number: fewness).

Six additional finalists who will participate in the Regional Bee:

  • Hayden Miller - Brownsville Elementary
  • Mark Pellissier - Burley Middle School
  • Sylvia Seay - Crozet Elementary
  • Johanna Hall - Greer Elementary
  • Ashley Huang - Jouett Middle School
  • Serena Loomba - Yancey Elementary

 2013 Division Bee Finalists