Current Project: Albemarle High & Greer Elementary


As the result of current and projected student enrollment exceeding capacity at Albemarle High School and Greer Elementary School, the Albemarle County School Board voted on April 2, 2015, to establish a redistricting advisory committee to study and recommend options for addressing classroom space needs at both schools.

Student enrollment capacity at Albemarle High School is 1,819, and the school currently enrolls 1,930 students. At least 110 students are projected to be added to the school’s student population over the next five years. Greer currently has 581 students against its capacity of 580 and is projected to be nearly 80 students beyond that level within the next five years.

Committee Objectives

The committee will have two objectives: to recommend options to address the current and projected student enrollment overcapacity at Albemarle High and Greer Elementary, and to study how northern feeder pattern enrollment projections might impact future additions at Woodbrook Elementary School and either Western or Monticello High School.


As specified by the School Board, the advisory committee will be appointed by Superintendent Pam Moran and will include two volunteers from each of the division’s three feeder patterns. Also on the committee will be a member of the Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee and an equity and diversity representative. Rosalyn Schmitt, assistant director of facilities planning for the division, will serve as the committee’s facilitator and coordinate support from school division staff.


Northern Feeder Pattern

  • Kate Barrett
  • Rick Morris

Southern Feeder Pattern

  • Symia Feggans
  • Beki Thacker

Western Feeder Pattern

  • Candice Love
  • James Younger

Additional Members

  • Tiffany Barber, Long Range Planning Advisory Committee Appointee
  • Tania Eastman, Equity & Diversity Appointee

General Timeline

The advisory committee will begin meeting in April, hold community meetings in May and June, and present their options in the fall. Under the present schedule, the Superintendent will review those options and make her recommendation to the School Board in October. The Board would hold a public hearing in November followed by their final decisions.

Meeting Schedule

All committee meetings will be held at Albemarle High School's Media Center at 7pm. These meetings are open to the public for observation.


​April 28 Committee Meeting #1​
​May 5
​Committee Meeting #2
​May 12 ​Committee Meeting #3
May 18 First Community Meeting @ Burley Auditorium, 7pm
​May 26
​Committee Meeting #4
June 2 Second Community Meeting @ Albemarle Auditorium, 7pm
​June 9
​Committee Meeting #5
​September 15 ​Committee Meeting #6
September 22 ​Third Community Meeting @ Location TBD
​September 29 ​Committee Meeting #7: Make recommendation to Superintendent

Presentation Materials & Minutes

Presentation - April 28, 2015

Minutes - April 28, 2015

Presentation - May 5, 2015

Meeting Notes - May 5, 2015

Presentation - May 12, 2015

Community Meeting #1 Presentation - May 18, 2015

Community Meeting #1 Scenario Summary - May 18, 2015


We want your feedback! Once you have reviewed the scenarios presented at the first community meeting, please fill out this survey.

In order to participate, you may either:
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All responses are due by Friday, May 22nd at 5pm. All responses submitted by the deadline will be reviewed and assimilated for the committee’s review at their next meeting.

Additional questions & feedback can be submitted to Please note, due to anticipated volume, we will not be able to respond to all correspondence individually. A FAQ section will be developed to address common questions & concerns.