Today’s learners must have every chance to walk through that door of opportunity as graduates who are ready to contribute positively to their community, prepared for post-secondary education, and competent to enter the workforce."
--- Superintendent Pamela R. Moran, Ed.D. (January 2012) 

The Horizon 2020 Strategic Plan for Albemarle County Public Schools is designed to unleash each student's potential and equip them for success both now and in the future. To do this, we aim to foster deep learning experiences that develop essential competencies like communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. We seek to inspire the natural curiosity of our students, not through compliance and testing, but by cultivating engaging learning environments, hands-on learning experiences, and real-world learning opportunities. These are important to us and our larger community as evidenced by feedback in our recent strategic plan review entitled "Expanding Our Horizons."

As we reflect on our strategic direction, we imagine what the world will be like when our entering kindergarten students graduate and what skills they will need to thrive in the future. For Albemarle County Public Schools, our destination is a place where every graduate leaves our schools prepared for a lifetime of learning in a rapidly changing world. Successful navigation of the route requires unity of purpose among those making the journey and dedication to following an established plan. The Horizon 2020 Strategic Plan guides us towards the horizon.

Our Strategic Planning Process 

In Albemarle County Public Schools, the Strategic Plan is not a static document. Our strategic planning process guides the actions of Albemarle County Public Schools using stakeholder input, data analysis, and a continuous improvement approach. Albemarle County Public Schools uses a performance management system to monitor and report progress on important strategic work. Key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned to School Board priorities reflect the status of key strategies and projects designed to support the division's strategic plan. View our progress in the 2013 State of the Division Report.

The Division’s strategic planning process and annual budget process are closely aligned. Goals, objectives and priorities from the strategic planning process are used to develop the Superintendent’s annual budget request to the Board and to guide school-level, department-level, and individual action plans. Board priorities are reassessed every two years in order to determine their effectiveness in meeting the School Division’s goal(s) and objective(s).