One Student-Centered Goal

 All Albemarle County Public Schools students will graduate having actively mastered the lifelong-learning skills they need to succeed as 21st century learners, workers and citizens.

Five Objectives

  • Engage Every Student
  • Implement Balanced Assessments
  • Improve Opportunity & Achievement
  • Create & Expand Partnerships
  • Optimize Resources

Bi-annually the Board establishes the Priorities that the Division will emphasize in order to move progress toward achieving the one student-centered goal. These Priorities are outlined and tracked in the Division Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP).

Measuring Progress

Our baseline measurable indicators of goal attainment for Horizon 2020 will be focused on:

  • On-time Graduation Rate: % who completed a credential within 4 years
  • Cohort Completion Rate: (VDOE) all diploma types, GEDs and Certificates of Completion

ACPS will consider students' graduation or completion of a credential as baseline evidence that they have mastered the lifelong-learner competencies needed to succeed as 21st Century learners, workers and citizens as a result of the curriculum design and opportunities provided throughout their educational career in the School Division.

Albemarle County Public Schools uses a performance management system to monitor and report progress on strategic work. Key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned to School Board priorities reflect the status of key strategies and projects designed to support the Division's strategic plan. These performance indicators are included in VDOE Reports, ACPS’ annual State of the Division report, as well as the semi-annual ACPS Division Strategic Improvement Plan progress reports.